Student Interviews

Elizabeth MOTTA

Elizabeth MOTTAI am a first year PhD candidate, originally from the USA, who recently graduated from Kyushu University’s two-year International Masters Program in Economics and, because of the exceptional supervision I received from my advising professor, decided to continue on to the PhD program here as well. I am currently pursuing research on corporate social responsibility within the context of corporate finance and corporate governance. More specifically, I am looking at the influence of investor preference on a company’s tendency to pursue corporate social responsibility policies in Japan, and potential effects on firm performance.
Although my research topic lies somewhat outside the typical realm of economic research, I have been able to successfully integrate econometric techniques into my analysis thanks to my professor and the courses offered in the Department of Economics. I can honestly say that over the past two years, I have made incredibly progress in terms of understanding the research methods and techniques necessary to pursue my research on corporate social responsibility. I was able to learn how to use statistical programming that I could not have learned otherwise, and have learned a lot about the economic and financial climate in Japan versus other countries.
Aside from my personal research, I have been impressed by the extent to which the professors and PhD students here are engaged in their research and how willing they are to help others. One of my favorite parts of being a student in the Department of Economics is meeting other international students, hearing about their experiences and research, and learning about what motivates them. I have met quite a few inspirational individuals, made lifelong friends, and had a lot of help, with both research and otherwise, at this university. Kyushu University may be located in Fukuoka, Japan but I can almost guarantee that you will encounter more people from other countries and people with a global mindset than you ever would have expected.