Student Interviews


Xu CHAOMy name is Xu Chao. I am from China. Four years ago, I was so lucky to have one opportunity to study abroad in Economics Faculty, Kyushu University, Japan. In the past four years, the study in Kyushu university improves my academic level and my logic thinking dramatically. The university provides excellent teaching facilities and research environment for graduate students, which make us connect and exchange with the whole world. The university also gives aid to our living here as much as possible. I still remember the first days when I come japan, I was unfamiliar with everything here, especially my poor Japanese language level brings many troubles for my life here. The university has mature tutor system for freshmen and provides each new comer with tutors who give much help for adjusting myself to the life here. This system is beneficial for my living and study in Kyushu university, and we already become good friends with our tutors after four years’ connection. The faculty also held a lot of activities in order to make international students adjust themselves to the study here, such as English Corner, study trip and so on. Moreover, the university also provides many free Japanese language learning opportunities for international students.
I also feel honorable to live in Fukuoka for four years, which is one of the best cities where I have lived. This city has a long history with many historic spots: Daizaifu, Ohori Park, etc, and it also has many tremendous natural spots: Ito island. Life in Fukuoka is very comfortable and easy compared with that in some metropolitan cities. There are very convenient transportation systems in Fukuoka which connects every corner in this city. The airport is very close to the downtown city and save much time for our transferring time.