Student Interviews

Yang WEI

Yang WEIMy name is Yang WEI, a Chinese student studying in Faculty of Economics. I came to Kyushu University in September this year, and now it is the first year of my master’s study. I graduated from School of Economics, Renmin University of China, and got Bachelor Degree of Economics. At the beginning of this year, I was certified to an exam-exempted postgraduate of School of Economics, Renmin University of China. Then I was informed that there is a double degree program between Renmin University and Kyushu University. I handed in my application, then took the examination. Fortunately I passed the examination, and got the honor to become a member of Kyushu University.
Actually, this is not the first time I come to Japan. Two years ago, I came to Japan for a joint conference. That trip leaves me a deep impression about this country which is different from China. Everywhere was clean, everyone was polite. I had a wonderful experience at that time, and hoped that I can come to Japan again. Thanks to the Joint Education Program, I am able to come back here, to live in a different environment, to deeply experience a different culture and to start a new career. What’s more, Japan is one of the biggest economies in the world, and is a typical example of East Asian economics, for us who are major in economics and living in China which also belongs to East Asia, studying in Japan can broaden our horizons and make us form a comprehensive way of analyzing economics phenomenon especially about the East Asian Economics.
Living in Fukuoka is wonderful. Every day, I get up with the bright sunshine, bike acrpss the clean river, walk over the beautiful campus and study in the tidy room. Campus is plain and elegant, full of academic atmosphere. Here students from all over the world study together, chat together, share their thoughts with each other, as well as culture. Furthermore, campus is the place where we enhance our academic abilities. Thanks to the kind stuffs of Kyushu University, including all of the teachers and administrators, we can study with almost nothing to very about, even though sometimes they may be puzzled by our poor Japanese. Beauty, harmony and kindness, these are what I think the representative factors of Kyushu University, and what I love the most.
Now I have been here for two months. Although time is short, I am falling in love with Kyushu University. I will do my best during the limited time, absorb anything I can, make me a new level and make this one-year-time in Kyushu University a golden time of my career.