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氏名 内田 交謹(Konari Uchida) (Konari Uchida)
九州大学研究者情報URL 九州大学研究者情報URL
九州大学研究者情報URL(English) 九州大学研究者情報URL(English)
ホームページ ホームページ
専門分野 コーポレート・ファイナンス
キーワード 企業金融、コーポレート・ガバナンス、株式市場、CSR
研究概要 ①企業金融(企業の投資行動、資本構成、配当政策)の実証分析、②コーポレート・ガバナンス(株主構成、経営者報酬、取締役会等)の実証分析、③ファイナンスの研究手法を用いたCSR(企業の社会的責任)の実証分析
主要実績 1. Shareholder composition and managerial compensation, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming (with Shinya Shinozaki and Hiroshi Moriyasu).

2. Legal protection and underpricing of IPOs: Evidence from China, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 27, 2014, 163-187 (with Jianlei Liu and Ruidong Gao).

3.Earnings management of IPO companies: Evidence from regulation changes in China, Accounting and Finance 54, 2014, 505-537 (with Jianlei Liu and Ruidong Gao).

4. Block trade targets in China, Journal of Corporate Finance 25, 2014, 188-201 (with Liping Dong and Xiaohong Hou).

5. Controlling shareholder, split-share structure reform and cash dividend payments in China, International Review of Economics and Finance 29,2014, 339-357 (with Chunyan Liu and Yufeng Yang).

6. How do accounting standards and insiders' incentives affect earnings management? Evidence from China, Emerging Markets Review 26, 2013, 78-99 (with Yuyang Zhang and Hua Bu).

7. The dark side of independent venture capitalists: Evidence from Japan,Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 24, 2013, 279-300 (with Yue Sun and Mamoru Matsumoto).

8. How do banks resolve firms' financial distress? Evidence from Japan, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 38, 2012, 455-478 (with Naohisa Goto).

9. Corporate governance and firm value during the global financial crisis: Evidence from China,International Review of Financial Analysis 21,2012,70-80 (with Chunyan Liu and Yufeng Yang).

10. Does corporate board downsizing increase shareholder value? Evidence from Japan, International Review of Economics & Finance 20, 2011,562-573.

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