Research Workshop
(Department of Economic Engineering, Kyushu University)

Workshop Schedule, Fall 2018

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
October 2 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
October 9 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
October 16 16:40-18:10 E-211 Charles Yuji Horioka
(Asian Growth Research Instititute)
The Wealth Decumulation Behavior of the Retired Elderly in Japan: The Relative Importance of Precautionary Saving and Bequest Motives English Yeh
October 23 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
October 30 16:40-18:10 E-211 Mamoru Nagano
(Seikei Univ.)
Does Islamic Finance Follow Financial Hierarchy? Evidence from the Sukuk Primary Market English Yeh
November 6 16:40-18:10 E-211 Michiel John
(Curtin Univ.)
Cancelled English Ikeshita
November 13 16:40-18:10 E-211 Hiroki Fukai
(Kyushu Univ.)
A Model of Collateral English Yeh
November 20 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
November 27 16:40-18:10 E-211 Jun Kumamoto
(Tokai Univ.)
A Study of the Impact and Effectiveness of Scent Used for Promotion of Products and Services with Low Olfactory Affinity English Yeh
December 4 16:40-18:10  E-211  Tsung-ming Yeh
(Kyushu U.)
How Financial Literacy Can Contribute to Retirement Savings: An Empirical Research  English Yeh
December 11 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
December 18     修士論文報告会

(Time changed)
徳丸正成 医療・介護提供体制が地域社会へ与える「安心感」の測定−へドニック法による外部効果の価値評価− Japanese
翁琳琳 中国における公共サービスと住民の主観的厚生 Japanese
Yue Ling Empirical Study on the Relatioship between Overconfidence and Saving Behavior English
楊柳 私立中学の教育の質は地価に影響するかー東京都を例として English
December 25 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
January 8 16:40-18:10 E-211 Shiba Suzuki
(Seikei Univ.)
Inequality and Asset Fire Sales English Ikeshita
January 22 16:40-18:10   No Workshop
January 29 16:40-18:10 E-211 Hiroki Tanaka
(Doshisha Univ.)
Education Choice and Income Inequality: Empirical Analysis under Mixed Public and Private Schooling English Ikeshita

Workshop Schedule, Spring 2018

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
April 24 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Kenichiro Ikeshita
(Kyushu U.)
Campaign Contributions and Innovation in a Fully-Endogenous Quality-Ladder Model English Ikeshita
May 1 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
May 8 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Tomonari Kitahara
(Kyushu U.)
Linear Programming Algorithms and Their Theoretical Properties English Ikeshita
May 15 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
May 22 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Wataru Nozawa
(Kyushu U.)
Banks versus Credit Unions in Alleviating Financial Constraints English Yeh
May 29 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
June 5 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
June 12 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Konari Uchida
(Kyushu U.)
Power of Tournament Incentives: Evidence from Japanese Corporate Boards English Yeh
June 19 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
June 26 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Yasunobu Tomoda
(Hiroshima U.)
Human Capital Elasticity of Output, Comparative Advantage in Job Selection, and Persistent Income Gap English Ikeshita
July 3 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
July 10 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Shinsuke Ito
(Chuo U.)
A Quantitative Assessment of Anonymized Microdata Created Through Perturbative Methods English Ikeshita
July 17     修士論文報告会

(Time changed)
Room 209
Edumundo Pangara Building New Keynesian DSGE Model with Consumption Habits and Heterogenous Households English
Anouar Lahnaoui TBA English
Andrew Ssonko Isaac Debt-Growth Nexus: Impact and Thresholds in COMESA region English
Li Wen Do Gender Role Social Norms Overpower Comparative Advantage Theory?: Evidence from China, Japan, and the U.S English
July 24 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
July 31 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Augusto Ricardo Delgado Narro
(Kyushu U.)
The Process of Convergence between the Japanese Prefectures: 1955-2015 English

Workshop Schedule, Fall 2017

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
October 10 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Takeshi Aida
Subjective Well-Being and Objective Poverty Indices: Evidence from Panel Data in South Africa English Hashimoto
October 17 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
October 24 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Takayuki Takashima
(Kyushu U.)
Weakly Renegotiation-Proof Agreements with Broad Participation and Large Potential Gain from Cooperation English Ikeshita
October 31 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
November 2
16:40-18:10 Room 209 Kengo Nutahara
(Senshu U.)
Fragility in Modeling Consumption Tax Revenue (joint with Kazuki Hiraga) English Hashimoto
November 7 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
November 14 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Takeshi Koba
(Kumamoto Gakuen U.)
Stockpiling Activities after a Disaster - A Case of Kumamoto Earthquakes English Ikeshita
November 21 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Hitoshi Shigeoka
(Simon Fraser U.)
Patient Cost-sharing and Health Care Utilization among Children English Yeh
November 28 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
December 5 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Hocheol Nam
(Kyushu U.)
Accounts Payable and Firm Value: Evidence from International Data English Yeh
December 12 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
December 19 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Daisuke Ikazaki
(Japan Women's U.)
The Rise of Childlessness and Economic Growth in a Multiregional Model English Ikeshita
January 9 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
January 16 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Kazuo Yamada
(Nagasaki U.)
Petty Cash from Parents: Provision Liquidity to Spin-Offs by Trade Credit Channel English Yeh
 Junuary 23     修士論文報告会

(Time changed)
Room 209
斎藤江利子 The Announcement Effect of Bilateral Trade Agreements on Share Prices: Analysis of the Economic Partnership Agreement between EU and Japan Japanese
竹内尊紀 An Analysis of Technological Progress in Japan Using Endogenous Growth Model Japanese
Anqi Du Modeling Exchange Rate Volatility of CNHJPY with Realized GARCH Models English
柴慧 四川大地震における直接経済損失の推計 Japanese
松本紗也加 国民年金保険料の納付率に関する研究 Japanese
岡添圭哉 日本国内の外国人増加が与える犯罪への影響―ドイツ移民政策との共通点を通して― Japanese
虞尤楠 最低賃金の決定要因に関する日中比較 Japanese

Workshop Schedule, Spring 2017

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
April 11 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Fumihiko Suga
(Kyushu U.)
An Equilibrium Model of Pension Provision and Wage Determination English Hashimoto
April 18 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
April 25 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Yoshiyuki Arata
A Compositional Data Analysis of Market Share Dynamics  English Hashimoto
May 2 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
May 9 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Shinsuke Ito
(Chuo U.)
Creating Anonymized Microdata Based on Japanese Census Data  English Hashimoto
May 16 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
May 23 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Tsung-ming Yeh
(Kyushu U.)
Determinants and Consequences of Shareholder Proposals: the Cases of Board Election, Charter Amendment,and Profit Disposal  English Ikeshita
May 30 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
June 6 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Daisuke Yamazaki
(Kyushu U.)
An Improved Test for Multiple Mean Shifts of a Time Series  English Ikeshita
June 13 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
June 20 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Kunio Urakawa
(Kyushu U.)
Time and Income Poverty in Japan: An Interdependent Multidimensional Poverty Approach  English Ikeshita
June 27 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Katsufumi Fukuda
(Hiroshima U.)
Effects of Globalization on Regional Inequality in a Foot Loose Capital Model Revisited  English Ikeshita
July 4 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
July 11 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Kevin Ow Yong
(Singapore Management U.)
Research on Fair Value Accounting: Past Work and Current Projects  English Hashimoto
July 18 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
 July 25     修士論文報告会

(Time changed)
Room 209
Bernard Njiri Impact of Country Characteristics on Acquirers' Performance English
Pyemo Afego Country-Level Anomalies, Index Shocks and Long-Run Stock Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment English

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