Research Workshop
(Department of Economic Engineering, Kyushu University)
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Research Workshop (Department of Economic Engineering, Kyushu University) is held on Tuesday at Room 209 of Economics Department Building. Student participants who want to get credits of this course will be required to present a paper during the academic year.Ocassional participations are also welcome. Please contact Konari Uchida (kuchida at if you wish to present a paper at the workshop (pease change at to @).

Workshop Schedule, Fall 2016

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
October 4 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Akihito Toda
(Recruit Works)
Women's Employment and Life Satisfaction in Japan: The Effects of Working Hours and Employment Status Using Fixed-effects Model English Hashimoto
October 18 16:40-18:10 Room 209 畦津憲司
求職者の応募先選択と企業の採用基準決定 日本語 橋本
October 25 16:40-18:10 Room 209  No Workshop
November 1  16:40-18:10 Room 209  Yuki Hashimoto
(Kyushu U.)
Highly Skilled Immigrants’ Occupational Choices and the Japanese Employment System English Uchida
November 8 16:40-18:10  Room 209 No Workshop
November 15 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Tohru Naito
(Doshisha Univ.)
Aging and urban agglomeration under a multi-regional overlapping-generations model English/日本語 内田
November 18, Friday 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Nobu Yamashita
(RMIT U., Australia)
Japanese firms' innovation responses to Chinese import competition  English Hashimoto
November 22  16:40-18:10  Room 209 Kotaro Inoue
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Managerial Attitudes and Corporate Investment Behaviors English Uchida
November 29 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
December 6 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
December 9, Friday  16:40-18:10 Conference Room (6th floor of Econ.) Yuji Tamura
(La Trobe U., Australia)
An asylum provision game  English Hashimoto
December 13  16:40-18:10  Room 209 No Workshop       
December 20 16:40-18:10  Room 209  No Workshop       
December 22, Thursday  16:40-18:10  Room 209  Ayako Kondo
(U. of Tokyo)
How did workers adjust to labor demand shocks caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake?   English Hashimoto
January 10 16:30-18:10
(Time changed)
Room 209 Edumundo Pangara
(Kyushu U.)

Pengda Fan
(Kyushu U.)
Monetary policy shocks dynamic response: Evidence from a developing country

Going public in bear markets
English Uchida
 January 17     修士論文報告会

(Time changed)
Room 209  李伊涛  余暇活動のインセンティブが幸福度に及ぼす影響についての実証研究    
 王亜航  中国IPOにおけるリスク情報とアンダープライシング    
 康寧  外国人雇用者と日本人雇用者の代替関係に関する実証分析    
 小松悟朗  Unemployment and Business Cycles in Japan: An Estimated New Keynesian Model    
王天一  中国の環境政策と環境税の効果に関する一考察    
January 24 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Ryuichi Tanaka
(U. of Tokyo)
Immigration, Naturalization, and the Future of Public Education English Hashimoto
January 31 16:40-18:10  Room 209 Thomas Pfeiffer
(U. of Vienna)
Divisional Performance Measurement  English  Uchida 

Workshop Schedule,
Spring 2016

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
April 12 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Konari Uchida
(Kyushu U.)
Market timing of seasoned equity offerings with long regulative process English Uchida
April 19 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
April 26 16:40-18:10 Room 209  Yusuke Kinari
(Kyushu U.)
Expectation English Uchida
May 10  16:40-18:10 Room 209  Shinsuke Ito
(Chuo U.)
Assessing the effectiveness of data swapping for creating anonymized
census microdata in Japan
English Uchida
May 17 16:40-18:10  Room 209 Tetsushi Murao (Kyushu U.)
Long-run Phillips curve in dual economies with frictional labor markets and wealth inequality English  Hashimoto
May 24 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop (Schedule changed)
May 31  16:40-18:10  Room 209 No Workshop    
June 7 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Nobuaki Hori (Kyushu U.) Excessive competition trap English Uchida
June 14 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
June 21  16:40-18:10  Room 209 Noritaka Maebayashi
(U. of Kitakyushu)
Sustainability of the public debt and wealth inequality in a general equilibrium model English  Uchida 
June 28 16:40-18:10  Room 209  No Workshop  
July 5 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Reo Takakui (IHEP) Hospitals, patients and politics: An analysis of the political cycles in public hospital management English Hashimoto
July 12 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Hiroaki Sakamoto
(Chiba U.)
A theory of disasters and long-run growth English Hashimoto
July 19 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
July 26 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Kenichiro Ikeshita (Kyushu U.)
(Schedule changed)
Child labor and capital accumulation in developing economy English Uchida

Workshop Schedule,
Fall 2015

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
October 6 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Jeffrey Coles
(U. of Utah, USA)
Industry Tournament Incentives English Uchida
October 13 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Yasumasa Akabane
(Fukuoka U.)
Incentive to Merge and Dismissal Cost English Uchida
October 20 16:40-18:10 Room 209  村尾 徹士
Non-Monotonic Relationship between Competition and Growth: The Role of Resource Reallocation English  Miyazaki 
October 27  16:40-18:10 Room 209  菊地 信義
Quantile Decomposition of Nonemployment Duration in Japan  日本語 宮崎 
November 5
16:40-18:10 Room 209 大野 正久
地域の独立と財政政策 日本語 宮崎
November 10 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
November 17 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Lorenzo Rotunno (Oxford U., UK) Heckscher-Ohlin: Evidence from Virtual Trade in Value Added English Uchida
November 24 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
December 1 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Takuya Kawanishi
(Prefectural U. of Kumamoto)
Performance Effects of Public-to-private Transactions: Evidence from Japanese Management Buy-outs English Uchida
December 8 16:40-18:10 Room 209 田中 宏樹
地域内所得格差が公教育サービスに与える影響−都道府県パネルデータを用いた投票モデルによる実証分析− 日本語 Miyazaki
December 15 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
December 22 16:40-18:10 Room 209 No Workshop
January 12 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Hiroshi Moriyasu
(Nagasaki U.)
High Frequency Trading in Index Futures Market and Its Impact on Spot Market Quality English Uchida
January 19 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Carlos A. Mendez-Guerra
(Kyushu U.)
The World Prodcutivity Distribution: COnvergence and Divergence Patterns in the Postwar Era English Miyazaki
January 26 16:00-17:50 Room 209 修士論文報告会









February 2 16:40-18:10  Room 209  Katsuyoshi Nakazawa
(Toyo U.)
Change in Strategic Interaction after Introducing Policy  English  Miyazaki

Workshop Schedule, Spring 2015

You can download the paper or presentation materials by clicking the paper title.

 Date  Time Venue  Presenter  Paper Title Language  Host
April 14 14:50 - 16:20 Room 209 Konari Uchida
(Kyushu U.)
Ownership structure and dividend smoothing: International evidence English  Uchida
April 21 No Workshop  
April 28 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Takeshi Miyazaki
(Kyushu U.)
Estimating the mitigation effect of the Tokai Earthquake measures on private housing: A program evaluation approach English Miyazaki
May 12 No Workshop    
May 19 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Kunio Urakawa
(Kyushu U.)

Time-adjusted poverty among working households in Japan:Two-dimensional poverty line approach

English Miyazaki
May 26 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Hisako Nomura
(Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu U.)
Experimental study for better public policy outcomes English Uchida
June 2 No Workshop
June 9 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Toshiyuki Matsuura
(Keio U.
Price, Quality and Productivity: Reconsidering the Determinants of Exporting Behavior English Uchida
June 16 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Eiji Yamamura
(Seinan Gakuin U.)
Social Conflict and Redistributive Preference among the Rich and the Poor: Testing the Hypothesis of Acemoglu and Robinson English Miyazaki
June 23 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Yong Huang
(Kyushu U.)
Investor Sentiment and Stock Price Movements Surrounding Seasoned Equity Offerings English Uchida
June 30 No Workshop
July 7 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Kazuo Yamada
(Nagasaki U.)
Bank Venture Capital and Underwriter Choice English Uchida
July 14 No Workshop
July 21 16:40-18:10 Room 209 Masrul Alam
(Kyushu U.)

Wei Wang
(Kyushu U.)
Comparison self-rated heath relation to daily activities of workers in three countries: US, France, and Japan

Impact of multidimensional poverty on health indicators in Japan: Income, education, lifetime, and social inclusion
English Uchida
July 28 16:00-18:10
(Time changed)
Room 209 In-Koo Cho (University of Illinois)

Shintaro Nakagawa
(Shimonoseki City U.)
Gresham's Law of Model Averaging

A Two-Country Overlapping Generations Model of Cross-Border Environmental Refugees
English Miyazaki