Economic Engineering

Workshop (Dec 4, 2018) “How financial literacy can contribute to retirement savings: an empirical research”

Workshop (Nov 27, 2018) ” A study of the impact and effectiveness of scent used for pr omotion of products and services with low olfactory affinity “

Workshop (Nov 13, 2018) “A Model of Collateral”

CANCEL(November 6) To students who take “Research Workshop”

Workshop (Oct 30, 2018) “Does Islamic Finance Follow a Financial Hierarchy? Evidence from the Sukuk Primary Market”

To students who want to take “Research Workshop” in this semester

(July 31) “Process of Convergence between the Japanese Prefectures: 1955-2015”

(July 10) “A Quantitative Assessment of Anonymized Microdata”

(Jun 12, 2018) “Power of tournament incentives: Evidence from Japanese boards”

(May 22, 2018) “Banks versus Credit Unions in Alleviating Financial Constraints”