Issuance of Certificates

Issuance of Certificates (for Current Students)

Category Deadline for Application, etc. Remarks
Notification of course registration Mid-March
First preliminary selection(The review by the Renmin University) Spring Semester: mid-April
Fall Semester: mid-October
Details to be posted separately
Application for absence On request The letter of reasons or a medical certificate by a physician shall be attached.
Application for readmission On request
Application for withdrawal On request
Notice of change of family name On request A copy of a family register shall be attached. Student ID card shall be presented.
Notice of change of guarantor On request
Application for reissuance of student ID card On request 1 piece of a photograph shall be attached.
Provisional certificate for examination On request To be issued to a student who does not possess Student ID card at examination
Notice of change of address On request Student ID card presented
Application for department transfer After transfer is approved A copy of approval of department transfer shall be attached
Payment of tuition fee Spring semester: the end of April
Fall semester: the end of October
Application for exemption of tuition fee Spring semester: mid-February
Fall semester: mid- July
Details to be posted separately
Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship Mid- April Details to be posted separately
Other scholarships Applicable time Details to be posted separately
Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research On request
Automobile admission card On request The physically challenged, the sick and wounded, etc. only
Commuting certificate On request
(Issued at the Student Center)
For purchasing commuting passes of JR, subway, Nishitetsu Bus/train, etc.
JR student discount certificate Immediately issued at the automatic certificate dispensers 10 sheets per person annually.
3 months valid.
Applicable when commuting by JR trains for the distance of 100km or more
Certificate of school attendance Immediately issued at the automatic certificate dispensers
Certificate of expected graduation On request To be issued 3 working days after application in principle
Transcript To be issued depending on purpose To be issued 3 working days after application in principle.
(after 7 working days for English translation)
Certificate of health On request after May (scheduled) By the automatic certificate dispensers
Certificates for employment On request Certificate of expected graduation, transcript, the letter of recommendation, certificate of health, etc.
Application for use of classrooms On request
Entrance Examination for
Master’s Program
Acceptance of application: mid-August
Acceptance of application for advance screening for the third-year students (grade skipper): mid- July
Details to be posted separately

Issuance of Certificates (for graduates/graduate program completed students)

Various kinds of certificates are issued to graduates of the School of Economics and the students who completed the programs of the Graduate School of Economics according to the following procedures.

Types of Certificates

  • A certificate of graduation (the School of Economics)
  • A certificate of completion (Master’s Program)
  • A certificate of degree conferment for doctoral program
  • A certificate of withdrawal after earning doctorate credits
  • A certificate of withdrawal
  • A certificate of the period of attendance at school (for research students, etc.)
  • Transcript
  • A certificate of earning teachers training subjects credits
Please inquire the contact address at the bottom of this page about other certificates.

How to apply

Application by telephone, facsimile, or electronic mail is NOT accepted. Your understanding would be highly appreciated.

Application Form

Please download the application, fill in it, and file it to Student Affairs Section or send it to the address at the bottom of this page by postal mail.
(When you apply for issuance of a certificate of doctoral degree, please download “Application for Issuance of Certificate of Doctoral Degree“. (Japanese only))
When you unable to download the application, write the following information and file it to Student Affairs Section.

*Necessary Items

  • Name (with phonetic transcriptions in kana). Please give in alphabetical form when you need a certificate in English.
  • Date of birth
  • Name of Department
  • Year and month of graduation, etc.
  • Student ID number (Left blank when unknown)
  • Contact: zip code, present address, telephone number (reachable contact during the day time)
  • Destination of certificates (e.g. XXX Co., Ltd., the Graduate School of XXX University) and purposes (for employment, qualifying examination, etc.)
  • Type of certificate needed (in Japanese or in English) and the number of copies
  • Remarks (e.g. to receive at the office, to seal strictly)

Duration for issuance

To be issued after 3 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) for Japanese language
To be issued after 7 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) for English translation


When you wish to receive the certificate by postal mail, please enclose a return envelope (return address written and postal stamps affixed).
When you visit the office to receive the certificate, please state so in the application.

Contact Address

Student Affairs Section 2, Academic Affairs Department, Administration Bureau, Ito Campus, Kyushu University (in charge of the School of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics)
744, Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0395, Japan
Mail : (Replace -at- with at mark)