School of Economics

School of Economics

Department of Economy and Business

Shigemi Kagawa Field of Specialization Economic Statistics Current research topics Sound material-cycle economic systems Sustainable consumption International trade and the environment Shin-ichi Yatsuki Field of Specialization Local Public Finace, Environmental Governance Current research topics Local Governance and Local Public Finace Environmental Governance Dynamics of Public Governance and Bridging Oranization Shinichiro Maeda Field of Specialization Financial Systems Current research topics Financial Systems in the United States Retail Finance Cashless Payment Systems Kenji Iwata Field of Specialization Money and Finance, International Monetary Economics Current research topics Financial and Monetary Integration in Europe International Currency and International Monetary System Comparing Financial Systems Kazushi Shimizu Field of Specialization World economy Current research topics ASEAN economic cooperation and integration Economic cooperation and integration in Asia Pacific Integration theory Osamu Ishida Field of Specialization Intenational Economics, Analysis of international trade and investment Current research topics Analysis of world economy in terms of both trade strycture and multinational corporations operation Global production system and business behavior Global trade analysis and trade theory Akihiko Shinozaki Field of Specialization Empirical Analysis on Information Economy Current research topics Information Economy Fixed Investment Analysis Andrew Chapman Field of Specialization Current research topics Energy System Sustainability Evaluations Low Carbon Transitions and Social Equity Socio-Enviro-Economic Evaluation of the Hydrogen Economy Atsuko Mizuno Field of Specialization Current research topics Hidemichi Fujii Field of Specialization Current research topics Productivity of Japanese Economy Circular Economy and ESG investment Innovation for sustainability Yutaka Yokura Field of Specialization Economic Geography Current research topics Industrial Agglomeration Theory Regional Innovation Economic Geography Nobuhiro Horii Field of Specialization Current research topics Transition toward market economy and transformation of industrial sturucture in China Energy and environmental industry in China China's policy for air pollution and climate change abatement YASUDA Satoko Field of Specialization Science, Technology, and Industry Current research topics Managing Innovation University-Industry Collaboration in Open Innovation High-Skilled Immigration and Innovation Shuntaro Washizaki Field of Specialization Economic History of Japan Current research topics Economic History of Japan History of Land Market and Real Estate Management from the 17th Centuries onward Historical Demography Mitsuru Kitazawa Field of Specialization History of Industrial Society Current research topics Economic History of Japan History of Japanese Coal-Mining Industry History of Japanese Zaibatsu SAKON Yukimura Field of Specialization Introduction to Economic History, Economic History, Frontier Study in European and American Economic History Current research topics the Russian Empire Economic History of Russia History of the Russian Far East Minoru Otsubo Field of Specialization Current research topics Corporate restructuring Firm group Equity alliance Saki Kishino Field of Specialization Current research topics Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior Work-Life Balance Ryuichi Nakamoto Field of Specialization Current research topics Organization Theory International Business Professional Service Firms Daisuke Uchida Field of Specialization Current research topics Strategic management Organizational theory Corporate governance Okihiro Maruta Field of Specialization Managerial Accounting Current research topics Micro profit center accounting Balanced Scorecard Internal Auditing Keiichi Oishi Field of Specialization Financial Accounting Current research topics Accounting Regulation in the United States Comparative Accounting Regulation Accounting for PFI Tomomi Shiosaki Field of Specialization Financial Accounting Current research topics Chikako Ozu Field of Specialization International Accounting, Financial Reporting Current research topics Global Accounting Standards Financial Reporting Accounting for emerging economies Chu Meifen Field of Specialization Complex Systems; Mathematical Finance Current research topics Nonlinear Model Analysis Kernel Analysis and its Application Multifractal Analysis and its Application to Financial Markets

Department of Economic Engineering

Isao Miura Field of Specialization Public Economics Current research topics An economic analysis about the outsourcing of the public service Competition power in International market and a competition policy A medical economic theoretical study Toshiyuki Fujita Field of Specialization Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy Current research topics Model analysis of global environmental issues Self-enforcing international environmental agreements Effects of uncertainty and irreversibilities on environmental policies Kenichiro Ikeshita Field of Specialization Economic Growth Current research topics Intellectual property rights and economic growth Automation, technological progress, and economic growth Economic analysis of child labor Daisuke Yamazaki Field of Specialization Econometrics Current research topics Research on structural break tests for time series models Research on statistical theory for panel data analysis Taro Takimoto Field of Specialization Econometrics Current research topics Causal analysis in time series Statistical inference of time series analysis Applied macroeconometrics Tetsushi Murao Field of Specialization Macroeconomics and Firm Dynamics Current research topics Computational Economics Simulation analysis of firms and industries Takeshi Miyazaki Field of Specialization Current research topics Kotaro Miwa Field of Specialization Current research topics Investments Behavioral Finance Empirical Asset Pricing Kunio Urakawa Field of Specialization Social Security Policy, Income Distribution Current research topics Empirical Analysis of Tax and Social Security Policies on Income Redistribution and Poverty Empirical Analysis of Socioeconomic and regional factors for subjective-Well being Empirical Analysis of Value Judgement on Income Distribution Yeh, Tsung-ming Field of Specialization Business Economics Current research topics M&A and anti-takeover defenses Corporate governance and shareholder activism Relationship between financial literacy and decision-making Konari Uchida Field of Specialization Corporate finance Current research topics Corporate finance and governance Financial instituions Corporate social responsibility and financial markets Nobuaki Hori Field of Specialization Applied Economic Theory (Social Economics, Political Economy) Current research topics Economic Theory for the Coevolution of Culture and Institutions Political Economy of Religion and Liberalism Social Impacts of Industrialization and Deindustrialization Kiho Muroga Field of Specialization Current research topics Empirical analysis on policy change and time allocation Empirical analysis on technological innovation and labor market Economic experiment on how to promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace Kensuke Miyazawa Field of Specialization Economic Growth Theory Current research topics Macroeconomic analysis of Japan and the world economy Economic growth Theory, Innovation, and demographics Fumihiko Suga Field of Specialization Current research topics Tomonari Kitahara Field of Specialization Current research topics Toshio Ohnishi Field of Specialization Statistical science Current research topics Bayesian prediction Objective prior Food safety science Rie Komuro Field of Specialization Applied Mathematics Current research topics Mathematical modeling Multiobjective evolutionary algorithm Koichi Matsumoto Field of Specialization Mathematical Finance Current research topics Applied Probability (Mathematical Finance) Pricing of Derivatives Risk Measure Tetsuya Furukawa Field of Specialization Information Analysis Current research topics Database Theory Information System Information Analysis System Yoichi Izunaga Field of Specialization Current research topics Modeling and algorithm design for clustering problems Mathematical Optimization Operations Research Hironori Kiya Field of Specialization Current research topics