International Graduate Programs

Our international graduate program was established in 2010 as a MEXT G30 graduate program of Kyushu University. Since then, we have observed growing interest from international applicants, and we currently offer the three English-taught programs:

  • The International Program in Public Economics (IPPE)
  • The International Program in Financial and Business Economics (IPFBE)
  • The International Program in Management and Accounting (IPMA)

The Department of Economic Engineering provides IPPE and IPFBE, whereas the Department of Economic Systems administers IPMA. IPPE targets students who want to learn the latest economic theories and analyses of economic and public issues. It covers various important topics in modern society such as economic policy, public finance, industrial structure, labor relations, the environment, social welfare, and so on. IPPE also offers lessons on mathematical and computational analyses on these issues.

IPFBE and IPMA are suitable for students who want to study business-related issues. IPFBE focuses on financial and economic analyses of business issues, while IPMA mainly involves management and accounting studies. Students of IPFBE are required to take IPMA subjects, and vice versa, to achieve a multidisciplinary understanding of business issues. IPFBE and IPMA students also have the privilege to take classes at Kyushu University Business School (QBS).

IPPE, IPFBE, and IPMA offer a doctoral program as well as a master’s program.

*MEXT;Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan
Both the IPPE and the IPFBE are the graduate programs based upon the discipline of economics. The IPFBE is accommodated to the needs of the students who wish to concentratedly study business related issues, while the IPPE targets the students who specialize in various subfields of economics as well as public issues. The IPMA targets the students who wish to specialize in management and/or accounting. The IPMA and the IPFBE are jointly operated in collaboration with the Business School of Kyushu University (QBS).