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2022 AW Course Registration

Release Date:2022.08.26

Here is the class registration schedule for 2022 Autumn/Winter semester.

Please register the courses through the Academic Information System during the following period.

No credit will be obtained without registration.

【Course application period】
Oct. 4th (TUE) 9:00 am ~ Oct. 11th (TUE) 5:00 pm

【Confirmation and modification period】
Oct. 17th (MON) 9:00 am ~ Oct. 19th (WED) 5:00 pm

【Final confirmation and modification period*1】
Oct. 26th (WED) 9:00 am ~ Oct. 28th (FRI) 3:00 pm

During this period, the students are not able to change the courses through the Student Web System.

If you still need to add, correct or delete the courses, you should apply to the student affairs Section.
Application procedures will be announced at a later date.

Academic Information System: