Tuition and Scholarship

Fees: Payment to University

For details on this scholarship, please inquire at the appropriate government office, or at the Japanese Embassy in your country.
Examination Fee (to accompany the application) Enrollment Fee (to accompany the enrollment) Tuition Fee (to be paid at the beginning of each semester)
Undergraduates 17,000 yen 282,000 yen 535,800 yen per year
(to be paid in half for the former and the latter semesters)
Graduates 30,000 yen 282,000 yen 535,800yen
(same as the above)
9,800 yen 84,600 yen 29,700 yen per month
(6 months amount to be paid at the beginning of each semester)
*For tuition fees, exemptions of the whole or half of that might be applied to a few international students depending on their family financial resource and income conditions.


In line with all former Japanese national universities, Kyushu University itself does not have any comprehensive scholarship system for international students. There are Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture) scholarships, and approximately thirty private organizations that provide scholarships for self-financing students at Kyushu University. Most such scholarships can be obtained based on recommendations from each student’s present university. After enrollment, students can obtain further detailed information on scholarship opportunities.
However, it is not realistic for international students to assume that they will be able to obtain such scholarship awards. The total number of these scholarships is very small in comparison to the total number of international students at Kyushu University, and applicants for these scholarships come from all faculties at Kyushu University. Therefore, these scholarships are extremely competitive. For further information about these scholarships in Kyushu University, please click Fees and the Scholarships System in Guide for International Students” on Kyushu University’s Website.
Unfortunately, it is rare for first year students to receive scholarship aid.Therefore, if you plan to study and conduct research at Kyushu University, please be sure in advance that you will not encounter financial difficulties. Students are expected to devote most their time to their program of study and research, and there are also limitations on the time international students are permitted to spend on part-time jobs.