Double Degree Program with Renmin University of China


The Joint Education (Double Degree) Program between Kyushu University and Renmin University of China started in 2009. This program was designed for students to study Economics at both universities and to obtain two Master’s degrees after completion of successful program studies.


Students enrolled in the Graduate School of Economics, Renmin University of China, who are considering selection of Kyushu University as their destination for study abroad, are highly recommended to apply for this Double Degree Program. For students who passed the document screening and interviews, registration fees and tuition fees for Kyushu University will be waived. Additionally, they might have an opportunity to receive a scholarship from Kyushu University.


Subject Period
Application period Mid-March
First preliminary selection(The review by the Renmin University) Mid-March
Second preliminary selection(The interview and document review by the Kyushu University) Mid-late April
Announcement of successful applicants Faculty meeting the next day(May)