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Name Yeh, Tsung-ming
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Field of Specialization Business Economics
Key words of academic activities M&A; Corporate governance; Shareholder activism; Financial literacy.
Current research topics 1. M&A and anti-takeover defenses
2. Corporate governance and shareholder activism
3. Relationship between financial literacy and decision-making
Major research results * "Determinants and Consequences of Shareholder Proposals: the Cases of Board Election, Charter Amendment, and Profit Disposal" Journal of Corporate Finance. 45, 2017.

* "Governance, risk-taking and default risk during the financial crisis: the evidence of Japanese regional banks" Corporate Governance 17(2),2017.
* "Large Shareholders, Shareholder Proposals, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Japan” Corporate Governance: International Review 22(4), 2014.
* "The Effects of Anti-takeover Measures on Japanese Corporations” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 42(4), 2014.
*“Do private equity funds increase firm value? Evidence from Japanese leveraged buyouts” Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 24(4), 2012.
* “The Effect of Legal Systems on the Performance of Japanese Buyouts in Europe” Journal of International Business 2(2), 2010. (In Japanese)
* “The Controlling Shareholders, Disclosure and Firm Value: An Analysis of Taiwanese Firms” Japanese Journal of Administrative Science 21(2),2008. (In Japanese)
* "Bank Directorship and Bidder’s Returns in Japanese Takeovers”Japanese Journal of Administrative Science 20(2),2007.
* "The Impact of M&A on the Shareholders’ Wealth: From the Evidence of Taiwanese Corporations” The Developing Economies, XL(4), 2002. (coauthor Yasuo Hoshino)
* "Productivity and Operating Performance of Japanese Merging Firms: Keiretsu-related and Independent Mergers" Japan and the World Economy 14(3), 2002. (coauthor Yasuo Hoshino)
* "Shareholders' Wealth, Bank Control, and Large Shareholders: An Analysis of Japanese Mergers”Japan Journal of Finance 21(2),2001. (coauthor Yasuo Hoshino)
* "The Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Taiwanese Corporations” Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies,3(2),2000.(coauthor Yasuo Hoshino)
Contents of major research
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