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Student Life
Kyushu University operates an accommodation for international students near Hakozaki and Kaizuka campuses. However, as the number of international students has increased recently, its capacity is not enough to accommodate all of them. So the students have to move out to other accommodations after six months. There are some options; private apartments, dormitories of the University living with Japanese students, accommodations for international students operated by private organizations, and public apartments. A good command of Japanese is required to live in the dormitories or the private organizations' accommodations because they are required to work together with Japanese students to operate the accommodations or to socialize with local citizens. Tenants in public apartment houses are chosen by lotteries. For more details, see the following pages. Public Housing, Boarding Houses of Private Organization
Under the circumstances, most of the international students rent private apartments around the University. In principle, you will have to look for an apartment and make a contract with the support by your student tutor or Japanese speaking friends. When you want to have some help, you may use services of the International Student and Researcher Support Center. For more details, click here.
When you rent a private apartment, please thoroughly understand about the Housing Guarantee System. Please read here.
Dormitories of the University with Japanese students (Japanese language communication skill required)(Japanese only)
- Matsubara Dormitory (for male students)
- Kaizuka Dormitory (for female students)
- Najima YMCA Dormitory (for male and female students)
- Bukkyo Seinenkai Dormitory (the Young Buddhist Association) (for male and female students)
Useful Links
Kyushu University International House
Renting Private Housing
Boarding Houses of Private Organizations
Job Hunting
If you wish to stay and work in Japan after graduation, you may apply for Japanese companies in Japan. Career Support Center will help you to carry out job hunting successfully. They offer individual consultation with an appointment. For more details, visit the following web pages.
Career Support Center (Japanese only)
Career Support Information Office (Japanese only)
Career Support Consultation Service (Japanese only)
Other Useful Information
Fukuoka International Career Station
Job Hunting Guidebook for International Students (Japanese only (Japan Students Services Organization))
A Guide to Employment for Foreign Students 2010 (Japanese and English, Japan Students Services Organization)
Part-time Job
When you wish to work part-time, you must be granted permission at Student Affairs Section. And also you must apply for the permission at Fukuoka Immigration Bureau. For more details, click here.
Kyushu University offers part-time job introduction system.
Japanese Language
"Japanese Chatting Salon" organized by "Attaka Fukuoka (Fukuoka International Students Support Association)"
Japanese language classes by volunteers(Fukuoka International Association Rainbow Plaza)
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
Business Japanese Proficiency Test
Square International has books for Japanese learning. Please feel free to use them.
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