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Programs and Requirements
Earlier 2009, Kyushu University was chosen as one of the thirteen universities to lead the *MEXT's Global 30 (G30) Project. In line with its globalization initiative, the University launches two undergraduate programs, and over 30 graduate programs, all of them to be taught exclusively in English.
*MEXT;Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan
The International Graduate Program in Economics (IGPE: IMPE + IDPE) is one of the programs mentioned above and is based upon the standard global curriculum of postgraduate level economics, and is aimed at fostering talented individuals who can creatively solve the problems presented in the contemporary economy by learning at the front-lines of economics.
International Master’s Program in Economics
In the International Master’s Program in Economics (IMPE), students will be required t take at least 6 credits from the following core subjects (total 12 credits):
Economic Theory I, II, III,
Econometrics I, II, III.
All of which are supposed to be taken during the first year of the program. Then, the students can exercise their options and take elective subjects such as Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Econometrics, Financial Economics, Public Finance, Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Industrial Organization, International Economics, and more during the second year. At least 22 credits (11 subjects) are required from the core subjects, elective subjects and the research workshop. In addition, 8 credits of “Supervision for Master's Thesis is required to complete the program.
The program is characterized by:

1) Small-group instruction in core subjects, which ensures a basic postgraduate level acquisition of scholastic abilities.
2) A well-balanced array of specialized subjects approached from theoretical, empirical, and political conceptual viewpoints, which helps the students to systematically learn the front-line economics.
3) A closely supervised setting for writing the Master’s thesis under the academic advisor during the second year. The authors of the best theses will be given the opportunity to present their papers at the research workshop, and will be awarded special recognition.
International Doctoral Program in Economics
In the International Doctoral Program in Economics (IDPE), students will take specialized subjects, join the research workshop, and receive research guidance for their mandatory dissertations. The research workshop is conducted by inviting various eminent scholars specializing in modern economics. Students are required to complete:
4 credits of “Supervision for Doctoral Thesis”
2 credits from “Research Workshop”
At least 2 credits from “Elective Subjects”
When writing the dissertation, each student will be supervised continuously and systematically by one main advisor and two other sub-advisors. Furthermore, the students will be allowed to take part in a variety of research projects conducted by the Department of Economic Engineering in order to practically improve their analytical facilities in specialized and related fields. Research results gleaned from the study of the front-line economics will be presented at domestic and international conferences and published as discussion papers and articles. Until the student completes his/her dissertation based on a series of these research achievements, the three advisors will provide thorough guidance. The authors of superior dissertations will have the opportunity to be awarded special recognition, and may take up the posts of assistant professor, former research associate, or research fellow.
IGPE Program Staff
MIURA Isao, Ph.D. (Kyushu Univ.), Microeconomics
FUJITA Toshiyuki, Ph.D. (The Univ. of Tokyo), Environmental Economics
ISOGAI Akinori, Ph.D. (Kyoto Univ.), Institutional Economics
FURUKAWA Tetsuya, Ph.D. (Kyushu Univ.), Data Engineering
IKESHITA Kenichiro, Ph.D. (Kyushu Univ.), Economic Growth
TAKIMOTO Taro, Ph.D. (Tohoku Univ.), Econometrics
MURAO Tetsushi, Ph.D. (Hitotsubashi Univ.), Macroeconomics and Industrial Organization
MIYAZAKI Takeshi, Ph.D. (Hitotsubashi Univ.), Public Economics
KINARI Yusuke, Ph.D. (Osaka Univ.), Monetary Economics
URAKAWA Kunio, Ph.D. (Kyoto Univ.), Social Security
UCHIDA Konari, Ph.D. (Kyushu Univ.), Corporate Finance
YEH Tsung-ming, Ph.D. (Univ. of Tsukuba), Business Economics
HORI Nobuaki, M.A. (The Univ. of Tokyo), Microeconomics
HASHIMOTO Yuki, Ph.D. (The Univ. of Tokyo), Labor Economics
SUGA Fumihiko, Ph.D. (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), Micro-econometrics
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